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Rhonda D. Verified Customer

“My dermatologist has a day spa that charges $60 for dermaplaning, something that, ideally, I need to have done every two weeks. With this device, I can do the procedure at home and receive the same results for a small fraction of the cost

The product removed all of my peach fuzz and tons of dead skin cells, which I didn’t even realize I had on my skin until I saw them coming off. After using this, I love how smooth, firm, and radiant my skin is. I look and feel better, my skincare products absorb better, and my makeup goes on much smoother.” 

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6 Reasons Why This Award-winning Sonicsmooth Dermaplaner Is A Must-Have For Your Self-Care

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Safely Exfoliates dead and dry skin⁠

The Sonicsmooth dermaplaner exfoliates away dead skin cells, build-up, and debris for smaller pores, reducing your likelihood of breakouts and acne buildup.

Karen K. Verified Customer

"The dead skin cells and peach fuzz came off in minutes and look (if I dare say so myself) "glowy." Baby bottom smooth and healthy! Also, no unwanted hair. This is seriously the best skin investment I've ever made.


Removes unwanted facial hair 8x better than razors or Wax Strips

Say goodbye to shaving, plucking, tweezing, and threading! You no longer have to worry about damaging your skin. Sonicsmooth is a one-time, weekly treatment that painlessly rids the complexion of unwanted facial hair using medical-grade blades & sonic technology.

RHL D. Verified Customer

"My face has never felt so smooth. I was nervous prior to use, but it’s very easy to use and didn’t leave my skin red or raw, and that says a lot because I have very sensitive skin. have a lot of facial hair, so I’ve tried a lot of methods to get rid of it, and this is the winner!"


Removes Peach Fuzz For Smoother Makeup Application

Avoid the friction caused by fine hairs and debris, along with clogged pores from oil and dirt buildup for flawless application of cosmetics.

Momo M. Verifed Customer

"The Sonicsmooth does work. After getting rid of the peach fuzz I was impressed with how smooth my face looked and how nice my moisturizer went on afterward. It took some practice to use but it will be easier next time. Great product!"


Dermatologist-Approved For Weekly Use

This dermaplaner is clinically approved by licensed dermatologists for regular incorporation into your beauty routine! Streamline your skincare without all of the shaving, plucking, tweezing and threading. 

Rachel P. Verified Customer

"I was honestly really nervous to use this at first, but it was super easy and gentle! It’s a great value compared to dermaplaning at a spa or dermatologist. It took a ton of dead skin and little hairs off and now my face feels so smooth and soft! "


Painless, Non-Invasive Technology

Avoid trauma and harm to your skin’s fragile existence by avoiding chemical peels, scrubs, and other invasive serums, treatments and tools which can cause painful downtime and even scarring.


"This was easy and painless to use and so much faster than other at-home dermaplaners I've tried."


Diminishes Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Softer, brighter skin and cleaner pores reduce the visibility of discoloration, uneven patches, and wrinkles for a younger, fresher you!

Jenlynne - Verified Customer

"My skin is smoother, softer, and my products are working better because they’re able to sink into the skin better and so their jobs. The tool is easy to use, holds a charge well, and even looks nice on my counter"

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