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Our scents are not watered down. You get them in their concentrated state, so the smell lasts longer.

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Our goal is to produce top-quality premium scents that guarantee strength and accuracy. To achieve this, we choose only to sell our oils in their natural, concentrated state. You can use our selections without fear of watered-down aromas.

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Candle making

Bring more magic to your candles by adding any one of our selections. Our scent are more cost effective.


Smell incredible with our fragrance Oils which last longer than alcohol-based perfumes or cologne sprays.

Bodycare & comestics

Save money by adding our scents to your shampoos, lotions, shower gels & other cosmetics.


Create a pleasant space at home or office by filling the air with positive aromas from our diffuser oils.

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We offer only the most refined fragrance oils.

Fragrances can be magical! A single scent can create an ambiance, trigger childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves, and much more. Spa-type scents elicit feelings of relaxation and Zen, while the nurturing aromas make us feel warm, cozy, and safe. This is why we offer only the most refined fragrance oils.

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Scentable Collections

Scentable Selections’ fragrance oils are highly concentrated and can be enjoyed using one of our Warmers, as a body oil as you would your favorite perfume or cologne