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Why Use MineralStream™ Shower head?

Removes Bacteria
& Heavy Metals

Our mineral stones will significantly reduce water impurity, chlorine, and bacteria.

Up to 200% increase in water pressure

Say goodbye to disappointing water pressure. The 250 thin, laser-cut holes of our showerhead ensure the best shower experience possible.

Saves up to 30% on Water Usage

Mineralstream is better for your wallet the planet. It decreases the consumption of water and energy, saving you more than $200 per year.

Improves Hair
& Skin Health

Inspired by the softness of water from natural stone. With Mineral Stream, every shower will feel like a spa treatment.

An elevated shower experience that's so simple

see how it works

Inspired by Nature to turn showering into a cost effective hobby

If you want to take your shower experience to the next level while saving over $230 a year then this is the only showerhead you will ever need. Our Nature-inspired showerhead technology helps to cleanse, tone, and revitalize your skin while purifying your city’s water. Our high-pressure system also ensures the best shower experience with the least amount of water.

An elevated shower experience that's so simple

MineralStream™ Vs regular showerheads

With MineralStream™ ShowerHead You Can Now Experience...

Satisfying water pressure

You shouldn’t have to deal with disappointing water pressure and end up wanting to take a bath instead. Get ready to  Experience the power of over 250 laser cut water holes

Custom Shower Modes

We offer 3 Shower Modes For Spa Like Shower. Chose between Rainfall, Jetting or Massage.

Natural-Spring like water

No more will you experience the harshness of your city’s water. Our showerheads were designed to provide a healthy shower that promotes relaxation

Based on 568+ 5-Star

See why thousands of customers love Mineral Streams

Our Mineral Stones

This new mixture of Germanium stones has been proven to turn harsh, unclean water into pure natural spring-like water

Anion Stone

These are negatively charged ions that help soften your skin and remove impurities from water

Ceramic Energy Stone

These adjust the pH value of your skin to prevent it from losing its elasticity. This helps reduces signs of aging and maintain a glow

Tourmaline Stone

Contributes to making your hair more smooth and shiny after every shower

From now on, every shower can be enjoyed in a sustainable way

Warning: You may never want to leave your bathroom after this

Choose Your Package

One Showerhead

$65.99 $39.99


Full Mineral Streams
Shower kit

$140.95 $79.99

One Showerhead
+ Hose

$85.99 $57.99

The Top Questions Our Customers Ask

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Yes, The Mineral Sream™ has a standard connection just like other shower heads. This means that the shower head fits perfectly in 95% of households. So you don’t have to worry about installation problems. If you still have doubts, we offer a shower hose that fits.

The Original Mineral Stream™ is designed to last and filters the water in a soothing way. In addition, the water pressure of the green shower is twice as powerful as that of standard shower heads.

We recommend changing the stones every 2-4 months, depending on how harsh your water is in your area. You can get the replacement stones here

The Mineral Streams showerheads are designed to dramatically increase the pressure of your shower water while reducing the amount of water you use in your showers. As a result, relatively less will be spent on fixed costs.

Once you have ordered MineralStream™ Shower Head, current shipping times average 8-14 days before you receive the product. Orders are processed within 24-48 hours. When your product is shipped, you will receive a notification by e-mail. If you need more detailed information, send an email to [email protected] and we will help you!

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