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How well Do You handle your phone?

You always have your phone on you, it’s almost like an extension of your body. Not long ago phones were mainly used for communication purposes, but now it’s more than that. You need it for easy access to information, planning out your day, capturing and sharing precious moments. What if there was a way to do all that without the risks of dropping it, losing it, and of course, struggling to comfortably hold it?

Gain the confidence you need

We were the first to recognize the need for better handling of your phone and invented the iRing, the first-ever phone ring! This Patented compact ring, designed in New York, gives you the confidence you need to handle your phone with ease. Its 360 rotation and 180 degrees of flip allow for maximum comfort and creates better angles for you to watch videos or facetime. The best part? it’s fashionably designed with guaranteed quality to last longer than any other phone grips.

iRing passed internal swivel tests over 100,000 times with a 6-month guarantee.

With the iRing You Can Now Experience...

Effortless Security

No more dropping your phone! You can now comfortably tap every corner of your screen with only your thumb.

Freedom to Multitask

Like an actual ring, you can very freely flip your phone to the back of your hand to free them up when you need them.


360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flip allow for maximum grip comfort and optimal hands-free angles for watching videos or facetiming.

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What Our Customers Think Of iRing

Better than a Popsocket for me and makes holding the iPhone 12 super easy in my petite hands. It’s sturdy and remains so even after removing the ring periodically. It’s sleek design makes it simple to slide in and out of pockets and purses.
Denise C
I can't imagine having a phone without it. The adhesive is perfect, the swivel is perfect, and the screw never gets loose (kickstand part).
D. Michaels
This is my second iRing - the first remained functional for 2 years until I changed phones. The design of this iRing is exactly what I was searching for as my new phone has a soft silicone case AND I wanted to utilize a wireless charger.
I have nerve damage in my hand. My physical therapist said I should get a pop socket to hold my phone. Since I couldn’t wirelessly charge my phone with a pop socket I started looking for an alternative. I came across this I-Ring and I must say, it checks all the boxes. I can comfortably hold my phone without dropping it or have my hand cramp. Truly a godsend.
Steve G
Solves the problem of holding a large phone in small hands while still allowing wireless charging. Brilliant! The ring itself is sturdy but heavier than plastic ones out there. Haven't found any others that are easily removable like this one. I bought a spare for when I change cases.
Always thought that having these looked ridiculous on a phone. Now that I’ve used it I can truly say how handy it is. It is also a good build compared to cheaper alternatives. I've used mine for 2 years now, definitely worth the investment.
Amanda Wilson

Save On Your Order Today And See Why iRing Is The Only Phone Grip You Will Ever Need

We're confident you'll love iRing. That's why we have a 6-month guarantee.

What's included in Today's special bundle

iRing Link

iRing Link is the first ring holder made for wireless charging. Simply remove the top ring plate to charge wirelessly.  iRing provides security and comfort to naturally grip your smart device. 

iRing AirVent

iRing AirVent mount is a very easy tool to use for your car due to the simple and complementary design.

iRing Dock

The iRing Dock is designed as a multi-purpose docking system to allow mounting iRing equipped phones or devices in cars, on counters, or on any flat surface. 

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The Top Questions Our Customers Ask

iRing works with almost any phone or device either on the back of the device or on your case. It might not stick to some silicone, glass-back, or highly textured cases.

After removal, you can restore its adhesiveness by washing it under tap water, allowing excess water to dry thoroughly.

The AAUXX iRing adhesive doesn’t leave any residue or damage on your phone or cases. But It may damage rubber and leather-based cases.

We did it first, we do it best. Since 2013, we have been developing the best quality phone ring and AAUXX iRing passed internal swivel tests over 100,000 times.