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Mary Ann P. Verified Customer

“These babies melt in your mouth and are so handy for trips and when you don’t have time to meal prep. Prepare your mouth for an epicurean epiphany. The pork loin is delicious, satiating, and a perfect fat to protein ratio.” – Addicted Customer

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5 Reasons you will love Carnivore Snaxs

Especially If your diet is almost all meat

1. No need to google the ingredients. It's just real meat & Salt

Finally! you can enjoy delicious meat snacks without added ingredients such as soy, sugar, celery powder, nitrates, and marinades. Just premium meat and Redmond’s Real Salt.

Karen K. Verified Customer

"I am addicted to this snack. Clean eating at its best and so much flavor, just pure meat and salt. They are like a potato chip as far as stopping the munch!"

2. better Than Beef Jerky, and healthier too!

It’s bigger, more flavorful, keeps you fuller for longer and most importantly it’s good for your body. Jerky companies use sweeteners and marinades to add weight to their products. You think you’re buying meat — but you’re actually getting loads of unnecessary fillers. Too much filler, not enough killer!

Bill D. Verified Customer

"I am a big beef jerky person and try to be constant with Keto-type eating. I saw an ad for Carnivor Snax and tried the pork loin. Oh my god, it was the best tasting meat I have ever had. Strongly recommend and better than beef jerky!"

3. Made from 100% grass-fed, regeneratively raised meat

Our meat comes from our friends at White Oak Pastures, a 150-year-old Georgia farm who knows the importance of a natural environment. Their path to better meat may be difficult, but it’s simply the right thing to do.

Dr. Shawn Baker, Author The Carnivore Diet

"Great Job putting out an awesome product. White Oaks Pastures regeneratively raised meat and salts equal excellent nutrition. Plus improvement in the environment."

4. They Taste so good, you wake up in the middle of the night thinking of them

Yep, that good! When you bite into one of these bad boys, you’ll notice the salty, savory flavor of Redmond’s Real Salt. Then you’ll be greeted with the rich, buttery, velvety flavor of the fat & muscle.

Chris H. Verified Customer

"Carnivore Snax pork loin is basically legalized heroin that is good for you. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. It is so good. My diet is almost all meat and this makes snacking so much easier"

5. Perfect for trips, busy work days & Post workouts

Satisfy your hunger and carnivore cravings, even when you’re on the go. You’re carrying around pounds of nutritious, high-quality meat that’s more fun to eat.

Sarah L. Verified Customer

"My whole family is in love with these. The perfect salty meat snack. Perfect for on the go, perfect after a workout, perfect anytime."

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