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Highly durable, foldable, double door crates your dog will love, especially when you are not around

"He ate our couch and rug and it was only a matter of time before he ate something that would cause serious damage to him. Our dog now roams free during the day, and she's comfortable being alone.

Merleen K. Verified Customer

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No Crate = nightmares

Wondering if crate training is right for your dog? As a pet owner, you'd want to avoid these

Anxious & nervous behaviours

Your furry friend isn't always brave, they will always need a space to calm down when scared!

Destoryed home & belongings

From your fancy shoes to your expensive couch. Your chewing machine can't be stopped!

Increased Pet accidents

Is your home dog-proof? If not, your dog is at risk! Like eating something that sends them hurling in pain.

Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

"Dog Crates Depot makes owning a dog so much easier"

We purchased our crate a few months after having our first dog, and I wish we got one sooner. Dog Crates Depot came recommended. The crates are well-made, lightweight, and spacious. I hardly ever close the doors because they never want to leave! Our dogs no longer suffer from separation anxiety when we go to work. Best thing ever!!

Venessa - Verified customer

You've brought a new Dog home, what now?

Congrats! You just got yourself a new best friend. Quick question, where did you plan to leave your dog? Free to room your living room? In your bed? Is your house dog-proof (your dog is very likely to access stuff that might be a danger to them)

What happens when you go to work? Are your precious items safe for your new chewing machine?

Not crate training your dog can lead to a bunch of nightmares. That’s why 1000s of new dog owners come to Dog Crates Depot to make owning a dog a lot less stressful

Why do thousands of vets recommend crate training to new dog owners?

Owning a crate is a must for every dog owner, here's why

Support your dog's natural instincts

Dog, especially recuses, want to have a place they can own.

Enjoy peace of mind when your dog's alone

No worries about your home getting trashed up.

Potty train your dog, quickly & easily

Dogs avoid messing up their bed. They will wait until they are outside.

Protect items from your chewing machine.

Especially when you can’t supervise them.

Help puppies sleep throughout the night

Pups get intimidated by large, unfamiliar spaces.

Provide your anxious friend with a safe haven!

New environments can be scary. A crate can help break them into your home.

Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

Before you bring your dog home, get a crate. Crates are not cages! Crates are a very positive place for them, filled with treats and blankets and toys and words of praise. When they’re tired, they’ll just wander over to their crate and nap.

Crate training helps manage certain undesired behaviors, such as jumping up on visitors or begging for food at the table.
The Benefits are endless, and luckily for the past 7 years, Dog crates depot have been providing the best quality crates

Dr. Martha Levera, DVM

Now you need a well-made crate!

There's a reason our crates are recommended by top vets and resucers

Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

The only crate you will ever need!

Designed for your convenience & your dog's safety.

We have crates for all dog sizes

From your furry little muffin to your big strong boy, we've got crates that are spacious and well ventilated.

Strong non-corrosive steel frame that lasts a lifetime

Tried of flimsy dog crates that bend easily and only last a couple of months? Our crates are made with the best steel that withstands corrosion and huge dog bites.

easy to disassemble and transport

Their mesh-like, collapsible structure makes them easy to disassemble and transport. You can move it around, making storage easy. They are also lightweight and easy to assemble

Easy to clean in case of accidents

Unlike wooden or plastic crates, our crates are made with metal that's easy to clean out should your dog have an accident in their home. You also get a Crate Pan with your order.

Double-door design

This design gives you easy access to your dog and allows you to position the crate conveniently in your home.

Safe & Secure

Each bolt latch is designed with paw-blocking technology to keep your dog secure inside, as well as rounded corners that protect your dog from injury.

You are one step away from giving your dog their own space

While you enjoy peace of mind for yourself

Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Dog owners are loving it! Hear what they are saying.


"She absolutely loves it"

I was a bit worried she might feel uncomfortable in it but once I added in her favourite blanket, she snugged in.

-Lea, Happy Customer


"His giant bed can fit in this thing"

Day 7 of crate training, and this big boy doesn't want to leave. At first he was very aggressive, and now I can't believe how calm he's become.

-Matt, Happy Customers


"Day 5 of crate training"

I'm so glad I got a large size. My dog can stand and move freely. The crate is surpisingly very lightweight, making it easy to move around.

-Michelle, Happy Customer.

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100 day guarantee

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Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

900+ Dog owners reported that our crates make owning a dog a lot easier

This isn't doggy jail, it's probably one of the best things you can do for your dog

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Trusted by 900+ Happy dog owners

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