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After many requests, we have created a sample pack of our best sellers. This pack is ideal for fussy dogs and contains 400g of treats and dental chews.

Got questions?

 Carnivore Snax has a month’s shelf life unopened without refrigeration. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life tremendously.

When we sent out our first bags of Carnivore Snax to beta testers, we heard a lot of great things. But the one thing people keep RAVING about is…

They’re light, airy, and melt in your mouth.

People have called them “steak chips” and even “meat pastries.”

(We wish we would have come up with that ourselves.)

When you bite into one of these bad boys, the first thing you’ll notice is the salty, savory flavor of Redmond’s Real Salt.

Then you’ll be greeted with the rich, buttery, velvety flavor of the fat.

Keep chewing, though…

Because you’re not done yet. 

The crescendo is coming…

As you continue to chew, all the flavors will come together in a beautiful symphony of succulent flavor as this “meat chip” just melts in your mouth.

Making Carnivore Snax isn’t easy.

We spent thousands of dollars and went through a looooong research & development process before we landed on something this tasty.

It took a lot of work to figure out how to transform a ribeye, pork loin, and eye round to the point where they…

Were still nutritious

Were portable enough to fit in your pocket

Actually tasted good

Retained their oh-so-delicious marbling

And meet USDA standards

We use a two-step process that takes twice as long as people who make beef jerky.

Yes… it is more expensive. 

Yes… it crushes our margins. 

And YES… it’s a lot harder overall for us.


That’s what allows us to pack a full 1 lbs of meat into a 5 oz bag of Carnivore Snax. And it’s what makes Carnivore Snax turn out like a meat potato chip that’s light, airy and unbelievably delicious.

Currently we ship to the United States and Canada

Here’s a surprising fact about beef jerky:

Most jerkies contain A LOT of sugar.

For example, one 3.5oz bag of Jack Link’s beef jerky contains 18 grams of sugar.

That’s more than twice as much sugar in a pack of beef jerky as there is in a Reece’s cup (which contains 8 grams per cup).

What the actual f**k!!!

Beef jerky isn’t health food — it’s a dessert.

… and don’t even get us started on the marinades!

Jerky companies use sweeteners and marinades to add weight to their products. You think you’re buying meat — but you’re actually getting loads of unnecessary fillers. Too much filler, not enough killer!

On the other hand, Carnivore Snax has 0 grams of sugar and uses NO marinades.

Plus… when you buy a bag of beef jerky, you’re buying a whole lot of air. 

Biltong is healthier than beef jerky. No doubt about it.

But it’s far from ideal.


Similar to jerky — biltong manufacturers use sweeteners and marinades to add weight and flavor to their products.

Meaning (again) that you’re not getting the real, high-quality meat you crave… you’re getting sweeteners, fillers, and unnecessary ingredients.

On top of that, most biltong packages are full of air and short on actual meat.

Bottom line:

If you want a bag of heavily marinated meat and air — go for some biltong. You’ll love it.

But if you want something that’s actually hearty and fun to eat…

Carnivore Snax is what you’re looking for.

We use just 2 ingredients:

Full, fatty cuts of 100% grass-fed meat. And salt. That’s it.

With Carnivore Snax, it’s like having a steak in your pocket… without needing a fork and knife or plate… and without drips or crumbs going everywhere.

Once you feel the light, airy crunch of biting into one, and the rich, buttery flavor… we think you’ll agree it’s much tastier (and satisfying) than biltong.

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