This Summer, We are bringing back vintage IN THE HOTTEST WAY POSSIBLE!

Yoh, Summer is almost here, it’s time to have some much-needed fun, why not do so in the hottest way. We’re talking about the coolest set of sunnies that are about to become part of your personality.

In a world of cheap, disposable, mass produces eyeglasses, we wanted to give you something different.  So we spent hours digging through old hollywood warehouses looking for highend, out-of-production Vintage gems and restored them to their former glory.

Designed for Thoses who don't mind standing out

With Vintage, you can help save the planet

Fast fashion = waste. The solution? Vintage.

Every year our planet is damaged with tons of plastics, nylons, acrylics. We can fight that.

Brillies Sunglasses believes in reusing the past to preserve the future.

We avoid creating waste by reusing what’s already here. We find old, long-forgotten sunglasses lost in the warehouses of Los Angeles. We restore, refresh and release them back into the wild. It’s basically recycling 2.0

Vintage = The highest quality Design

UV400 Protection

UV400 technology protects you from 99.9% of both UVA and UVB light. This means you can wear them outside knowing dang well you are protected.

Over 20 years old

We source and restore Vintage eyewear that are at least 20 years old. You should know what you are not getting some cheaper, mass-produced sunnies

Durable Components

From scratch proof acetate frames to quality sourced wood & metal, we want to make sure you are able to use these for years to come.

Comfortable & Lightweight

We wanted to make sure you felt freaking great in these. That’s why we went after the most comfortable design possible.


Our "ZENS" Y2K SQUARE SUNGLASSES has sold out 3 times already. But for a limited time, we are giving you a chance to relive your wildest 2000’s fantasies. Select Your favorite color below

Top Questions Our Customers Ask

We’ve decided to give away 500 of these and as of today, we have 200 left. We advise that you secure your order as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment.

We are giving these glasses away for free (they are worth over $35 by the way) all we ask is that you cover a small shipping fee of $4.95.

Orders are shipped via USPS and can be tracked with your code on the USPS website – Please allow 24 hours for tracking to be updated

Estimated shipping times

  • North America: 3 – 9 business days
  • Europe: 10 – 20 business days

We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint by constantly making the best possible decisions for our planet. We recycle, reduce, and reuse by repurposing vintage, and we ship with bio-friendly, recyclable materials.

Send us email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out. Allow up to 24 hours for a response to your inquiry. 



Based In Los Angeles