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If you want to conceal your pimples while healing them at the same time, you need this!

Tired of makeup products that worsen your breakouts? You need this 3-in-1 blemish camouflage that hides pimples, serves as a primer and heals your blemishes.

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6 reasons why beauty experts can’t stop talking about this 3-in-1 blemish camouflage

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It offers you 3 amazing benefits

It works as a concealer by concealing your pimple, as a barrier between makeup, and best of all, as a spot treatment by healing blemishes overnight!

Audrey G, verified customer

This is, hands down, the most innovative skincare product on the market right now. I use it every day in multiple ways: as a spot treatment, as a concealer, and mixed into my moisturiser for overall redness reduction. It’s the only skincare product my fiancé lets me use on him - and he loves it! It truly blends into your skin tone and is the perfect primer for other makeup


It is made with clean, organic ingredients

It is purely made from plant-based organic products and contains no parabens, no fragrance, no mineral oil, no phthalates, no hydroquinone, and no bad stuff! It is cruelty-free, gluten-free, cross-contamination-free, and non-toxic.

Lola S, verified customer

This stuff is awesome-as someone who likes very simple, minimal make-up, this is a game changer. It blends so nicely to your skin tone and you can accomplish a great "no makeup" look AND it heals your blemishes. I will definitely continue to buy this product!


It comes with antibacterial packaging

August+Monroe the makers of the blemish camouflage refuse to default to any standard designs that cause more harm than good, and that is why they’ve utilized BPA-Free Silicone Tips to control cross-contamination issues that cause future breakouts

Peter k, verified customer

I have struggled all my life with hormonal breakouts - I wish this product was available years ago!! It is truly such a lifesaver and does exactly what it promises. The packaging was very nice. I also loved the tips and tricks inserted too.


It is gender-neutral and for all skin types/colors

Irrespective of your gender identity, skin type, or color, it was created with purely natural ingredients that work for everyone! It is skincare with a conscience

Katherine E.H, verified customer

This amazing little gem works so well. It's mind blowing! Not only does it treat the spot, but it somehow magically conceals the spot too. It does not just blend in, it conforms itself to your skin tone, I tried it, my daughter did, then next my son, and it matched each of our individual skin tones. It's like sorcery. —


Rated 5 stars by leading dermatologists in the Country

Every natural ingredient was clinically tested and given the seal of approval by some of the leading dermatologists in the USA to ensure it is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Deitch, verified customer

This product is seriously magical, has great coverage, weightless feel and most of my pimples were gone the next day! My mouth dropped when it started changing to my skin tone!!!! Probably the coolest technology I’ve ever experienced... and I buy A LOT of cosmetic products. Highly recommend! -


You Can Try It risk-free for 14 days. Love it or get Your money back

Unlike other products out there, this August + Monroe was designed to be effective and result-driven. 

The A+M™️ customer service team will do everything in their power to ensure each & every customer has the best experience possible… including HASSLE FREE RETURNS (USA).

Mel H. verified customer

"I’ve been using this product now for a few months, and it has totally changed my life. It’s a part of my nightly and daytime routine."

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90,000+ Customers


Top questions most first-time customers ask

Yes. This product was made with sensitive skin in mind.

Yes! We included ingredients that aid in the brightening of acne scars. Vitamin C and Bakuchiol to name a few

First Contact us so that we can find out why it’s not working for you. If we are unable to fix it or come up with a solution, we off a 14-day “Results or It’s Free!” Guarantee.

We want the difference you see from using our products to speak for itself. 


Use prior to foundation. This way it’s directly targeting the blemish & protecting your skin from other makeup applied.

Even if you don’t have a blemish, you can use Blemish Camouflage on an area that typically breaks out; we always recommend applying prior to makeup to make sure you’re protecting your skin against future blemishes.


Anytime! You can totally take it with you wherever you go, it’s ready to give you a little fix when needed 😉

Alex’s fav is using it before makeup application & Mike’s fav is applying it before sleep. #nightdots

A little bit of this magical stuff goes a long way! Keep that in mind when using it. If you are still having trouble spreading, it’s always a good idea to give your skin some hydration prior to use, with a clean moisturizer.

YES. We take your privacy very seriously. We use several advanced security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information.

We provide fast, efficient deliveries to all households in the US. We ship directly from our facility here in the US so your order will be with you in 4-7 days after processing.


Ready to conceal your blemishes while healing them?

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