The overall quality is magnificent. The handle design is superb and the weight of each knife tells you that you are using a great chef's knife
Ben Thesing
I can't say enough about these knives. These are amazing knives the weight is great, exellent grips, and they are very sharp.
Robert Wooten
I'm really happy with the order quality. So great and the colors look awesome! I can use them for any event of any outdoor party to prepare dinner or lunch.
Kelly Allison

You could be doing more but your knives are Limiting

Are you tired of taking way too much time and effort with dull knives? Do you feel like the knives in your drawers are limiting your ability to produce beautiful food? Does this sound familiar? You’ve been cooking for hours, trying to impress your friends, your feet hurt and your wrist hurts even more because you’ve been holding a knife that’s supposed to have a “great” handle. Even worse, you take a look at the delicate ingredients you’ve spent time selecting and you find them completely destroyed by your knife.

Introducing an innovative work of art

designed and crafted by master bladesmiths and professional forgers

Each Art of Cooking and Drinking knife is designed and crafted by master bladesmiths and professional forgers. Forged using unique high carbon steel, our blades are as durable and sustainable as they are sleek and stunning. This means that in addition to being able to slice down any culinary challenge, you’ll also be armed with the pinnacle of style and function in the culinary world.

What Other Home Cooks are saying about us

Such a great quality knife for a very good price. I owned a Henckels knife which was triple the price of this. I like this knife better. It's got quite a weight and it looks awesome.
Matt Rahul
I now know that my kitchen contains knives that will never let me down. I've been using these for a year now, and I'm super impressed. The handle is made soundly, heavy enough, and balanced well.
Michael C. Johnson
They came exactly as described. Very well packed and even without using the sharpener, they were already very shape. I will definitely be trying the other collections.
Mark C.
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If you are looking for a way to elevate your cooking, I can't recommend these enough. For a home cook, I feel very much like a professional chef.
Stanley P. Ware
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These Guys make cutting food, look and feel so much cooler. I definitely do not regret swapping my old knives for these.
Suzanne E.
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The compliments I've been getting have made me so much more confident in the kitchen. These knives have leveled up my cooking experience.
M. Johnson

Our Limited Editions

AZAMI™ Handmade Serbian Steel Chef's Knife

With a perfectly balanced weight, it glides into the toughest meat, fruits, and vegetables with just the slightest amount of pressure. Its unique design makes it versatile enough for tasks like butchering and chopping to even more precise functions like de-boning and mincing food.

JIANG™ Chef's Knife

Traditional craftsmanship is what makes the JIANG™ Knife so outstanding and everlasting. The whole process is done manually by professional masters with traditional equipment and without a single modern technique, which guarantees the highest quality and value for what you have spent.


Altomino™ Handmade Fixed Blade Sharp Knife

The curved blade makes it easy for you to chop and mince food with a smooth, rolling motion while the narrow edge makes peeling and precise cuts easy. The knife also features hammered patterns on the blade and a beautiful rosewood handle that will surely make it a stand-out among all your other knives.

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AZAMI™ Handmade Serbian Steel Chef's Knife

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JIANG™ Chef's Knife

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Altomino™ Handmade Fixed Blade Sharp Knife

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This Professional Knife Sharpener (worth $60) gives your knife a new makeover using a 3-step sharpening, honing, and polishing system along with a separate slot for sharpening scissors. Within a few minutes, your knife will be better than ever before!

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The Top Questions Our Customers Ask

For the JIANG™ Knife

  • Blade Material: High-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Chicken Wing Wood + Copper Nail
  • Full Length: 11.8in (298mm)
  • Handle Length: 4in (103mm)
  • Blade Length: 7.7in (195mm)
  • Blade width: 2.5in (63mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 1in (2.8mm)
  • Net Weight: About .7Ib (319g)

For the AZAMI™ Handmade Serbian Steel Chef’s Knife

  • Razor-sharp steel can cut through bones and meat
  • Full-tang construction offers balanced weight for extra control and comfort while using
  • Nimble enough to allow precision cuts
  • Blade length: 6.8″ (17cm)
  • Blade width: 3.9″ (10cm) at widest point
  • Blade thickness: 4mm at thickest point
  • Weight: 0.66lbs (390g)
  • Material: Handmade forged high-carbon clad steel
  • Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shaft, wood, and rivet attachment

For the Altomino™ Handmade Fixed Blade Sharp Knife

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Solid wood grip handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Wash by hand and dry with a soft cloth immediately after use
  • Weight: .05 lb ( 0.23kg )
  • Length: 10.75 in ( 27.3 cm )
  • Blade Length: 5.75 in ( 14.6 cm )
  • Blade Width: 2 in ( 5cm )
  • Thickness: .2 in ( 4mm )

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